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Results of the Digital TCLF project

logodigitalAfter identifying and characterizing the profiles of 9 emerging digital occupations and the correspondent required skills setsa first step, the Partners created a harmonized matrix, in coherence with ESCO format, for these 9 occupations. In order to provide a detailed prediction of the future impact of these emerging occupations, in terms of European employment and strategic development of the TCLF sectors, a survey was conducted to a relevant category of stakeholders in the Textile, Clothing, Leather and Footwear sectors.

On the basis of the occupations and skills identified and the questionnaire results, the emerging gaps between the current VET and Training offer and the requirements of the 9 emerging digital occupations were analysed.

Results of the project: http://digitaltclf.eu/news/#output-results

Newsletters available:

News 1: Emerging Digital Occupations: Introduction of the project and the description of the 9 emerging digital occupations.

News 2: Market Potential for Emerging Digital Occupations in the TCLF sectors: Forecasting survey conclusions on these Digital occupations.

News 3: Is the TCLF training offer ready for the digital era?: Existing VET offer and eventually gaps for these Digital professions

News 4: A proposal for the future: Reports on the final conference, explains the concept of Digital TCLF EU quality label, drafts a roadmap on innovative VET programmes and describes the actions beyond the project.

Launch of the Digital TCLF 2025 project to provide the Textile, Clothing, Leather & Footwear sectors with the appropriate skills and competencies to face the digitization of the value chains

erasmusCOTANCE, representing the European Leather Industry, is one of the three sectors taking part in a multiannual ERASMUS+ KA2 project Digital TCLF 2025 (EU Textile, Clothing, Leather & Footwear (TCLF) Skills Council: analysis of emerging occupations in a digital environment). The project is coordinated by EURATEX.

The five project partners (COTANCE, EURATEX, European Shoe Confederation, industriAll-Europe and Spin360) held their launch meeting in EURATEX premises in Brussels in January 2017.

The objective of the project is to address the need to provide these (TCLF) sectors with the appropriate skills and competencies to embrace the digitization of the EU value chains. It is a follow-up initiative furthering the EU TCLF Skills Council set up by the Social Partners of the three sectors.
Moreover, improving the skills of the leather sector’s human resources and focusing notably on preparing the sector’s SMEs to the digital economy is one of the challenges identified in the Social Dialogue project “A Future for European Leather!” finalized in 2016 and thus part of the COTANCE priorities in the Action Plan towards 2025.

Digital TCLF 2025 will focus on: forecasting future impact of these occupations in terms of European employment and strategic development of the TCLF sectors and their SMEs; identifying gaps between the current Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers offer for the emerging occupations; drafting innovative VET & Training Programs, together with competent and relevant stakeholders, selected based on their possible involvement in future exploitation activities.

The work will be complemented by the development of skills recognition within the sectors and the definition of a roadmap for Digital Skills development in the TCLF sectors inclusive of exploitation strategies and training provision, whether it be VET-based or using other education and training activities tailored for the SMEs, their workers and being attractive to the young generations.

Project Acronym: Digital TCLF 2025
Project Title: EU Textile, Clothing, Leather & Footwear (TCLF) Skills Council: analysis of emerging occupations in a digital environment
Project Reference: 575850-EPP-1-2016-1-BE-EPPKA2-SSA
Project Duration: 24 months from 01.12.2016 – 30.11.2018
Project Partners
1.    EURATEX (coordinator), Belgium – Textiles & Clothing
2.    CEC, Belgium - Footwear
3.    COTANCE, Belgium - Leather
4.    IndustriAll Europe, Belgium – European Trade Union
5.    SPIN360, Italy