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International Council of Tanners Pledges $15,000 to Support New York State Bill on Labelling of Automotive Interiors

United Kingdom – 4th June 2024 – The International Council of Tanners (ICT) is proud to announce a $15,000 donation to support the passage of the New York State Bill on the labelling of automotive interiors. A donation of $10,000 was made by ICT on behalf of its membership with a further $5,000 pledged by ICT member organisation Verband der Deutschen Lederindustrie (VDL), the German Leather Association. This vital piece of legislation aims to enhance consumer transparency and ensure that all automotive interior materials are accurately labelled, empowering consumers to make informed choices.

The proposed bill mandates that all vehicles sold within New York State must have clear labels indicating the materials used in their interiors, including leather and other alternative materials. This initiative is designed to promote transparency, allowing consumers to easily identify and understand the materials used in their vehicle interiors, thus facilitating better-informed purchasing decisions.

"The International Council of Tanners firmly believes in the importance of transparency and consumer rights," said Burak Uyguner, President of the ICT. "By supporting this bill, we are advocating for greater clarity in the automotive industry, ensuring that consumers are fully aware of the materials used in their vehicle interiors. This aligns with our commitment to promoting ethical practices and sustainability in the leather industry."

 The $15,000 donation from the ICT and its members will be used to fund advocacy efforts by Gotham Government Relation, the agency tasked with garnering widespread support for the bill. This funding will help mobilize stakeholders, engage with policymakers, and raise public awareness about the benefits of material labelling in automotive interiors.

"This bill represents a significant step forward in consumer protection and environmental responsibility," added Andreas Meyer, Managing Director of VDL. "We are excited to contribute to this initiative and support the New York State Legislature in passing a law that prioritises transparency and informed consumer choice."

The ICT's contribution underscores its dedication to ethical practices and sustainability within the leather industry. By championing the passage of this bill, the ICT is helping to set a standard for material transparency that can serve as a model for other states and countries to follow.

For more information about the International Council of Tanners and their support for the New York State Bill on labelling of automotive interiors, please contact Dr Kerry Senior.


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The International Council of Tanners (ICT) is a global organisation dedicated to promoting the leather industry through sustainable practices, ethical standards, and transparency. The ICT works with tanners, suppliers, and industry stakeholders worldwide to enhance the quality, sustainability, and integrity of leather products.

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