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Transparency of the Origin of Hides and Skins


European Report

The EU report is available in 12 languages:

Transparency - European Report - English

Trasparenza - Rapporto Finale - Italiano

Transparence - Rapport européen - French

Transparencia - Informe Final Europeo - Spanish

Transparenz - Europaischer Bericht - Deutsch

Transparencia - Relatório Final Europeu - Portuguese

Transparency - Europeisk rapport -Svenska

Transparenta - Raport Final - Romanian

Transparency - Final EU Report - Bulgarian

Transparency - Raport Europejski - Polish

Transparency - Europos ataskaita - Lithuanian

Transparentie - Europees rapport - Dutch


National Reports:

All employers associations partners in the project conducted a national survey amongst tanners that focused on:

- the perception of the issue
- the identification of the origin of hides and skins
- the organisation of a reliable ensurance mechanism

The results of those surveys are available in the following reports: