Social and Environmental Reporting

Main Event in Brussels

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Solemn signature of the Framework Agreement in Brussels

The Main Event of the project on ETUF:TCL's side was organised in parallel with the Executive Committee of the European Trade Union and took place on October 14 in Brussels.

The Executive Committee of ETUF:TCL is the main event on the worker's organisation side in this project. ETUF:TCL consecrated a special part of the encounter to the Presentation and Dissemination of the Framework Agreement and the project’s products and notably to the Solemn Signature of the Framework Agreement on Social & Environmental Reporting with Exchange of Originals. The aim of the main event in this project is to raise the profile of the initiative to the highest levels so as to give to CSR and notably to Social (and Environmental) reporting the adequate attention and importance.

Mr Schneider (COTANCE) and Mrs Fedeli (ETUF:TCL)




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