Social and Environmental Reporting

Presentation of first National Reports

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 Second Social and Environmental Reporting project

Main Event in Stockholm

The second project (2009-2010) related to Social and Environmental Reporting aimed at the collection of the first national reports. The main event for the project was held in Stockholm, Sweden, on 4 June 2010, in parallel to COTANCE's Assembly General.

After an introduction by COTANCE's President, Mr Nalle Johansson, the floor heard guest speaker Marcus Svensson, from Swedish company Vagabond. Then Mr Gustavo Gonzalez-Quijano, Secretary General of COTANCE, and Mr Patrick Itschert, Secretary General of ETUF:TCL, commented on the project. After a series of Q&A, a selection of national reports were presented. The meeting ended on a round of discussions followed by conclusions.

Mr Svensson (Vagabond)


Mr Itschert (ETUF:TCL)



Mr Brugnoli (UNIC)