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Licencing conditions

This Campaign is copyrighted.  License to use the campaign material (concept, slogan, images and messages, ...) is subject to the subscription of a License Agreement involving the following conditions:

- the organisation promotes the sustainable development of the Tanning Industry in all 3 pillars: economic, environmental and social
- the promotion of leather is an integral part of the institutional core activities of the organisation
- the organisation commits to invest in the development of the campaign eventually translating it in its own language and in its country or region
- the organisation indicates by a given time the use that will be given to the campaign material and this use is approved within 3 weeks (logo, images, slogans, intelligence conveyed)
- the possible payment of a voluntary contribution, a symbolic amount
- the license is given on a yearly basis and can be renewed
- the license can be cancelled in case of mis-use ascertained by a qualified majority of the assembly of right holders and all licensees
- the licensee agrees to participate in at least one of the gatherings of licensees organised to celebrate the campaign and to look together into the future