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GreenLIFE Closing Event

greenlifeProjects ends in Arzignano on 15 December

After 19 months of experimentation, greenLIFE presents innovations in the tanning industry, which aims for environmental and economic sustainability.

Is it possible to reduce the environmental impact of the tanning industry while maintaining its competitiveness? The European Union, through the LIFE programme, funded half the greenLIFE project, Green Leather Industry for the Environment. Launched in June 2014, greenLIFE today – after following the results obtained in the first 19 months of experimentation – looks to the future. With #greenleather2016, the project disseminates its achievements in terms of reducing environmental impact and reusing waste and by-products for the benefit of other industrial sectors.
The event will be held on December 15 in the auditorium of the Higher Technical Institute G. Galilei of Arzignano (province of Vicenza, Italy) from 5 pm to 7 pm CET. For 50 years, this school has been a driving force for the most important industry of the area, the tanning industry. The companies sponsoring the project are Dani and Mastrotto Group, Ikem, Ilsa, and Acque del Chiampo.


World Leather Congress 2015

Milan, the Capital of Leather

wlc2015Trends and Future Challenges is the subject of the international tanners’ congress, scheduled for September 8 in Milan, on the eve of LINEAPELLE’s (September 9-11, Milan Fair).

The event, hosted by Fondazione Edison in Foro Buonaparte 31, Milan, will analyse the situation of the global tanning industry and its future prospects. The sector is made up of 12,000 companies, 200,000 employees, with a turnover of about 50 billion dollars and is part of some hugely important value chains that include manufacturers of footwear, garments, handbags, furniture, cars, aeroplanes, equestrian and sports goods.

Its strategic function, as a link between agriculture and industry, covers complex scenarios, involving secondary raw materials and technological innovation, protectionism and environmental protection, sustainability and fashion, international consumption and production models.

The organiser is UNIC (the Italian tanners’ association), under the sponsorship of the European Commission, the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and Regione Lombardia.

ICT, the International Council of Tanners, is headed by the Italian Rino Mastrotto and the vice president is the Taiwanese Chih Hsang Pai. Members are tanneries representing 37 Countries from Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

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Milan, April 21, 2015

New Presidency for COTANCE

Edinburgh Assembly General unanimously elects Jonathan Muirhead as new COTANCE President

muirheadThe 2014 COTANCE General Meeting took place in Edinburgh on June 20 hosted by the UK Leather Federation. 26 delegates from Italy, Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal, Netherlands, Sweden and Romania were in attendance. The encounter took place in the city’s prestigious George Hotel followed by a Gala Dinner in the Royal Castle and concluding in a sumptuous frame two days of intense work and debates on the outlook for the European Leather industry. Indeed, next to the Assembly General, COTANCE also organised the mid-term social dialogue project meeting of the “Leather is my Job!” operation supported by the European Commission, and the kick-off meeting of the EU Pilot on Leather focussed on the development of the Product Category Rules for the Environmental Footprint of Leather.


Renewed mandate for FFTM President

The Assembly General of the Fédération Française de la Tannerie Mégisserie met on 13 June et elected the 10 member of its new administration board for a period of 3 years. The mandate of President Bertrand Sauve was unanimously renewed.

A press release (in French) can be found here:

Two anniversaries for Carvalhos Group

couroazul2This year the Carvalhos group celebrates its 75th anniversary of its foundation by António Nunes De Carvalho and simultaneously its most recent company Couro Azul celebrates its 25th anniversary.

For this celebration, on the 20th May, the Carvalhos group got together 600 people, including all its current and former employees, as well as, all the Carvalhos family members in the new expansion of Couro Azul Plant.

In this event, the Carvalhos group made a special tribute to its founder and to António Carvalho and Fernando Carvalho members of the 2nd generation. At this event some former collaborators were distinguished for their contribution to the company.

Integrated in these celebrations, the company promoted various cultural and sports events such as the creation of a Jazz band called the “Oak Band”, an amateur theater group to participate in the 100th anniversary of the township of Alcanena, as well as, a team who participated in the regional Nersant challenger games, which they won.


Award to President of Dani Group

Order of Merit to Giancarlo Dani

The Italian President Giorgio Napolitano awarded on June 2nd the Order of Merit for Labour to Giancarlo Dani, an important recognition for the whole tanning sector.

Dani is President of Dani Group, whose tanneries are specialized in the production of leather for upholstery, automotive, footwear and leather goods. “It is a recognition not for me, but for the Dani family. We worked a lot, being able to create this important industrial reality”.

In favor of Dani Group weighted different circumstances, not least its ability to obtain brilliant results in a time of crisis in the Italian economy. Its growth, driven by the automotive division (making up 50% of turnover) and exports (about 70% of turnover), allowed Dani to double the production facilities and the number of employees, now 600, working in the two Italian premises and different trading subsidiaries abroad.

The other important aspect of its success, is the image of “green” company and environmentally sustainable production that the company has been able to project, through investments in technology and ad-hoc certifications. It managed to enter the top-100 Italian eco-friendly firms in 2012 (Green Italy Report), and introduced its trademark slogan “Sustainable leather, pure emotion”.

By his own account, Dani’s history is one of entrepreneurship, hard work, and respect for the environment, valuing business ethics, personal relations and constant dedication to improving the quality of their production. Thorough these accomplishments he aims at the promotion of the image of Arzignano district as a center of excellence recognized worldwide, and by working as a driving force for other companies, to show that in Italy it is still possible (on the backdrop of a difficult environment ndt) to conduct business successfully.