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EUREKA - Training Multilingual Leather Technical Dictionary 

EUREKA is a computer based glossary of leather terms providing easy access to 9 linguistic versions of about 2300 terms, clearly defined in English. With interactive and multi-media support, this tool fosters the understanding of the terms, and improves communication with partners speaking a different language.

Sponsored by the EU Commission in the framework of a Leonardo project, EUREKA was developed by  8 leather research and training centres (AIICA/ES, BLC/UK, CTC/FR, CTIC/PT, DTI/DK, ELKEDE/GR, LGR/DE, SSIP/IT and ICPI/Romania), working under the umbrella of their European trade association (COTANCE/BE). 

EUREKA provides operators with an innovative training tool that will improve very specific skills in the European leather industry. Each term can be seen as a database where information is expandable. Starting from an initial set of « Picture Files », users can expand the database by adding other files, such as additional pictures, short trailers, sounds or Word documents. This self-training activity can be performed in open and distant learning systems by linking up to individual or collective sources of intelligence (Tanning Schools, TANNET, Web sources, etc.). As a result it provides every user with a rational, intellectual framework for Continuing Vocational Training (CVT).

EUREKA promotes lifelong learning and training in that it constitutes a personal and upgradable database concentrating technical and managerial intelligence that the user can tailor and adjust continuously according to the development of his career in the leather sector.

Linguistic versions available: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Greek, Portuguese, Danish, Romanian.

To order a copy, download this form, print it, and send it to COTANCE by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or fax (+32.2.512.91.57).