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Social and Environmental Reporting

A social project for the European Leather Industry (2008-2010) 

After a long preparatory phase and fruitful discussions and negotiations within the Committee of the Social Sectoral Dialogue Leather/Tanning, the Social Partners of the European Leather Industry approved in their Committee Meeting held on 17 June 2008 a Framework Agreement on Social and Environmental Reporting.

This document introduces a Standard for reporting Social and Environmental parameters relevant for the sector's SME's. It constitutes an innovation in the Social Sectoral Dialogue that follows up on the adoption of the Social Code of Conduct/Framework Agreement of the Sector's Social Partners signed in 2000. The Reporting Standard allows companies to draw up their Social Declaration in a harmonised fashion. Being a Standard reporting guide, it will allow at term to prepare a European Report on Social and Environmental performance.

The Social Reporting Project constitutes the first step of the Social Partners' implementation activities as indicated in the Framework Agreement. It consisted in translating the Framework Agreement in the various EU languages and providing a Template for facilitating the companies to draft their Social and Environmental Declaration.

This document has been printed in about 2000 copies so that the sector's most dynamic companies send them out to their customers.
All the linguistic versions of the Framework Agreement are available on this web-site.


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