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Self-Training Kit

Self-Training Kit for the Leather Industry

STKThe Self Training Kit for the leather industry was completed in 2003 under the EU Leonardo programme coordinated by the Portuguese research centre (CTIC), with partners including COTANCE, ETUF:TLC, UKLF, LGR, ELKEDE, the Polish PCSLI, and Scalconsult.
The STK for the Leather Industry is available in 5 different languages (Portuguese, English, German, Polish, Greek) and aims at three particular professional profiles within the industry, Foremen, Sorters & Graders and Salesmen, although it is prepared to be used by anyone in the industry or anyone interested in knowing more about the Leather Industry.

Each STK consists of a manual, covering several modules and self-assessment questionnaires that will help in pinpointing the modules where skills would benefit from further enhancement. The STK also contains final assessment questionnaires that will help the employee understand whether he has progressed to a stage where he is competent in the modules identified as critical by the training needs self-assessment.

The modules in the STK are dedicated to the following subjects:
Leather Technology | New technologies | Quality Control | Health and Safety at work | Environmental technologies | Production Management | Maintenance | Team Work | European Law | Marketing | International Trade Rules.

The STK contents are available in a paper version – Dossiers – and also in a digital version – CD-ROM. Anyone interested in obtaining a copy of the STK may contact us or one of the other partners.

Please note that the English version of the STK has run out.