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New French Vice-President

COTANCE welcomes Jean Christophe Muller, from French Tanneries Haas, as new Vice-President of COTANCE

MullerThe French Leather Federation - FFTM announced at the 2017 COTANCE Assembly General of Igualada the intention of Mr Pichon (from Tannerie Roux) to step back in his institutional functions at national and European level.

The positions in the COTANCE Presidency are allocated on a country basis and the national candidates are endorsed by a majority vote of members. France submitted to COTANCE the results of the sovereign changes in the positions of the French Federation and informed its European counterparts of the nomination of Mr Jean Christophe Muller as representative of French Tanners within COTANCE.

The 2017 Milan COTANCE Council gathering representatives from the National Leather Trade Associations of Itlay (UNIC), Spain (ACEXPIEL), France (FFTM), Germany (VDL), UK (UKLF), Portugal (APIC), Austria (FV TBSL / BG LE), Sweden (SG), Romania (APPBR), unanimously co-opted Mr Jean Christophe Muller (Tanneries Haas), member of the Board of FFTM, the French member of COTANCE, for taking over the position of Vice-President in the European Leather body.

COTANCE, October 10, 2017