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Two anniversaries for Carvalhos Group

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couroazul2This year the Carvalhos group celebrates its 75th anniversary of its foundation by António Nunes De Carvalho and simultaneously its most recent company Couro Azul celebrates its 25th anniversary.

For this celebration, on the 20th May, the Carvalhos group got together 600 people, including all its current and former employees, as well as, all the Carvalhos family members in the new expansion of Couro Azul Plant.

In this event, the Carvalhos group made a special tribute to its founder and to António Carvalho and Fernando Carvalho members of the 2nd generation. At this event some former collaborators were distinguished for their contribution to the company.

Integrated in these celebrations, the company promoted various cultural and sports events such as the creation of a Jazz band called the “Oak Band”, an amateur theater group to participate in the 100th anniversary of the township of Alcanena, as well as, a team who participated in the regional Nersant challenger games, which they won.


75 Years ago the Carvalhos group was founded and focused mainly on shoe and garment leather. Along the years the group diversified into leather goods and furniture leathers.

Following a diversification strategy, in 1989, Couro Azul was founded and focused on producing technical Leather for the Automotive and Aeronautic Industries.

Couro Azul’s specialization in the automotive industry is the result of an ongoing technological and commercial effort and of its investment in plant, equipment, technology and R&D. 

The success of this effort can be seen in the development of ecological chrome-free leather in keeping with the most demanding technical specifications issued by automotive and aeronautic OEMs.

In 2013 the Carvalhos group had an annual turnover of 40 million euros, a 40 % growth over the past year, of which 75% of its sales were exported.

During the last 2 years the group has created over 200 new jobs, its main target being skilled young people.

The group is still run by family members, which already includes a member of the 4th generation, maintaining its goal of providing its clients with high quality technical leather.
As the Carvalhos group, celebrates its 75th anniversary with its employees, suppliers and clients, it’s inspired by the past but moved by the future.