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IP Awareness and Enforcement

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IP Awareness and Enforcement: Modular Based Actions for SMEs
COTANCE produces a Handbook on Intellectual Property Rights for the leather sector

Counterfeiting and piracy causes significant damage to industrial operators and business in many sectors. Fashion sectors, such as Textiles and Leather, are particularly affected. Seizures at borders and on the maket have increased in frequency over recent years reveiling a concerning trend, yet this is only the 'tip of the iceberg'.

According to the European Commission, SME's, notably in traditional sectors, are often unaware of their rights and on how to defend them. In order to redress the situation the EU has launched a series of information actions, campaigns and projects in this field, including the IP-Base Project.

The project is a multi-million Euro Project coordinated by the University of Alicante and involving the National Patent Offices of EU Member States. ---> Information note on the Project

Workpackage 13 of the Project is dedicated to elaborating reader friendly Handbooks regarding Intellectual Property Rights in the textiles, clothing, furniture, footwear and leather sector. Due to its extensive experience and networks, COTANCE has been designated by the IP-Base Project for taking care of the development of the Handbooks regarding the leather industry.

The development of the Handbooks that COTANCE will perform for leather, leathergoods, leather clothing and footwear includes a consultation to stakeholders during the month of May 2008.

A Draft Handbook Content list has been elaborated covering all potential issues that operators may encounter in the field of IPR. Not all possible sections may be relevant for the leather sector's operators and this needs to be identified.

---> Questionnaire on Intellectual Property Rights issues and on the content of the Handbook

If you are an operator of the European Leather sector and you want to participate in the exercise, you are welcome to share with us your views on the IPR issues and on the content of the projected Handbook. Please read the on-line brochure on the eventual content of the Handbook and print the questionnaire for filling it in and sending it back to COTANCE by the end of May.

---> Brochure presenting the content of the Handbook.