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On 1st March 2007 GERIC Members expressed unanimously their agreement to enlarge the Grouping to embrace ICPI as a new full member.

ICPI is the Romanian Institute that hosts the domestic Leather Technology Centre. Led by its Director, Mrs Luminita Albu, it has collaborated with GERIC Institutes for the last decade in a number of EU sponsored projects notably in the field of sectoral education and training. ICPI produced the Romanian version of the EUREKA Glossary of Leather Terms and is currently participating as Romanian partner in the CTIC led EU project ONE LEATHER TRAINING in the framework of the EU Leonardo Programme. During the last ten years ICPI has also served as a bridge to the Romanian Leather Industry providing COTANCE assistance in liaising with its representatives and organizing Workshops and Conferences in the framework of the PERFECT-LINK Project (EU Phare BSP Programme) and in the context of the EU Social Dialogue facilitating the Social Partners of the Romanian Leather Industry to assuming their respective roles in the development of the Leather sector.

ICPI is located in Bucharest and is fitted with Laboratories for Leather Research and performing all kind of physical and chemical testing for the Tanning industry. Romanian leather research is particularly successful in the application of results in the area of gelatin and collagen with the development of cosmetic and medical uses.

ICPI thus becomes GERIC’s first member in Eastern Europe. ICPI’s accession is an asset for the Grouping as it reaches out to the learned society in new EU member States. It is also and foremost an advantage for the Romanian Leather Industry that has gained through ICPI a channel of communication to the combined wealth of Leather Science developed by Europe’s Leather Technology Centres.