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Pilot Project: Environmental Footprint of Leather

The COTANCE Bologna Council celebrates the success of its application for an EU Pilot on Leather

The COTANCE Council held in Bologna on October 11, 2013, on the sideline of the Lineapelle Fair, is pleased to learn that the sector’s submission for an EU Pilot for Leather had been retained by the European Commission as one of the 14 successful Pilots among a total of some 90 applications.

The leather sector’s representatives from Italy, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Sweden and Romania expressed their satisfaction for getting the opportunity to drive the process that is to develop the sector’s official Product Category Rules for the Environmental Footprint of Leather.

The start of activities will be delayed, however, so as to allow a parallel development with the EU Pilots of the Food industry whose call for candidatures is to be issued in early 2014.

COTANCE understands that this opportunity is a success for the global leather industry and expresses its gratitude to all those international organisations, foreign leather sector institutions and bodies having sent in their letters of commitment, interest or support to this initiative in the preparation of the application.

Brussels, 14 October 2013

Technical Secretariat

The Technical Secretariat of the EU Pilot on Leather is the body that will be drafting these PCR for Leather. It gathers all those individuals and bodies having expressed their commitment to the task when the COTANCE submission was prepared.

This document includes the data of the current members of the Technical Secretariat of the EU Pilot on Leather.

The Technical Secretariat will be chaired by COTANCE Secretary General, Mr Gustavo Gonzalez-Quijano, as coordinator.

The Commission rules regarding the functioning of Technical Secretariats invites coordinators to open accession to all interested parties willing and capable to contribute on a volunteering basis to the development of the PEFCR for the concerned products.

The mechanism and procedures for the evaluation of volunteering individuals and bodies are currently being developed.

Steering Committee


The Steering Committee is the body set up by the European Commission to monitor and supervise the activities and results of the various EU Pilots. It has adopted its composition and rules of procedure.

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